Travels Around Oregon Part 1
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Travels Around Oregon Part 1

Can you believe it is July already!? Where is the summer going?

This summer I will be venturing out and exploring my new home, Oregon! This will be a three part series post. Part one being my experiences and recommendations from Oregon in June, Part two will be July, and Part three will be August! Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss any of them!

Enjoy! ♥


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Travels Around Oregon Part 1


My friend came to town to visit at the beginning of June. She flew into Portland so we decided to spend thereat of the day and night up there.

Washington Square was an awesome mall! They had so many good stores to check out! And there was also an amazing local cider bar Atlas. Don’t forget that if your from out of state, going shopping in Oregon is the best… NO SALES TAX!!! If you really love shopping my favorite mall is Woodburn Outlets. Located about a half hour outside of Portland you can always find unreal deals here!

After shopping we headed over to the waterfront. You can rent bikes to ride along if you please or walk. Lucky us the weekend we were there was the Rose Festival. We ate deliciously greasy fair food, drank more cider and got henna tattoos! There was even live music. From what I hear during the summer there is always something going on at the waterfront park in the summer.

For dinner we went to the pearl district. There are many trendy bars and restaurants, stores like Free People. We ate at a brewery called the 10th Barrel. The food  and drinks were amazing! After dinner we bar hopped a little then headed back to our hotel, The Paramount. Which I would highly recommend! In the rooms they use big dispensers of shampoo conditioner and soap to cut down on their landfill waste! Love to see businesses doing their part being eco-friendly!

Cuthbert Amphitheater

A client of mine gave me free tickets to the Cuthbert one weekend. It was to see the Pink Floyd cover band. The amphitheater was beautiful! We rode our bikes there and they had free bike valet parking!
When we first got there we sat outside the gates and had a few drinks. You could hear the musical perfectly and there were two men putting on a bubble show! We decided when we don’t have tickets we could go sit there and listen to the music with a picnic dinner!

Inside there were food and drink booths. We got a drink and some ice-cream. We had a blanket to sit on and I would highly recommend bringing one! The Cuthbert is a must on your Oregon summer bucket list.

Spencer’s Butte

Right inside the city of Eugene there is a breathtaking view from the top of Spencer’s Butte! A pretty easy hike! takes less than an hour to get up and the same on the way down. From the top you can see all over the city! It is seriously gorgeous.

If you are traveling through Oregon this summer you have to stop and check this hike out! It is fairly easy, the only part it gets really steep there are stairs. Also that is right at the top where you are about to rest anyways! Enjoy the view up top by packing a lunch or a small snack! Don’t forget your camera!

Willamette River

Also right inside of Eugene, Oregon is the beautiful Willamette River. You can walk along it, bike along it, even float it! Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, you will love the beautiful sites along the way.

If you are walking along the Willamette or biking, there is an amazing rose garden! This garden is also right at the base of Skinner’s Butte. If you have a kiddo with you, there is an awesome playground! The playground includes swings, a sandbox, slides, bars and a town set up! It is so cute and my son loves it!

Eugene Saturday Market

Every Saturday in downtown Eugene from 10-3 is the Eugene Saturday Market. There is food, craft booths and a farmers market. It is such a unique market!
At the farmer market you can get vegetable starts, fresh roster hatch green chilies, and every fruit and veggie is season! All the produce looks amazing and I have never gone home with anything bad!
The locals set up booths like food booths, art booths, blown glass, T-shirts. There is usually live music over by the food section. All the art you find is one of a kind and BEAUTIFUL!! They have the cutest jewelry!

27 thoughts on “Travels Around Oregon Part 1”

  1. I live in Australia and haven’t made the trip out to the US yet. Oregon looks so beautiful, full of wonderful people and lovely scenery.

    1. I haven’t made a trip to Australia yet and I would love to! My sister studied abroad there and said it was beautiful!

  2. I love traveling and exploring. An organ is a place I haven’t been to. The river in the hiking trails there are gorgeous in your photos. I can’t wait to experience it myself.

  3. Wow I love this! I’ve been trying to get out to Oregon to see some of the National Parks and your blog post made me want to go even more!

    1. I can’t believe you never made it! The pinot noirs here are so tasty! Wine making is so interesting! Thats an amazing job!

  4. I want to visit Oregon (and the rest of the Pacific Northwest region) so badly! I love splitting my time between a place’s urban and natural wonders to really get a sense of where I am.

  5. I loooove portland, but I definitely gotta go check out those other places for sure!!!

  6. WOW, Oregon is so beautiful! I’ve heard my cousin who lived there say the same, but the first time I’m seeing pics.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow truly captivating blog you have! And this post is amazing! Oregon has never been a big state to visit on my list, but your post has definitely made me want to visit there, now! <3

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