Travels Around Oregon Part 2
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Travels Around Oregon Part 2

July was the month to be out on the coast! The weather finally began to warm up here in the Pacific Northwest and who doesn’t love to be on the water for the Fourth of July? If you haven’t already check out Travels Around Oregon Part 1. These past two months have been amazing getting to explore the breath taking views Oregon has to offer. I hope you enjoy all of my photos and thoughts! Where is your favorite coastal city in the US? Let me know in the comments below!



Travels Around Oregon Part 2

Lincoln City, Oregon

We rented the best VRBO I have ever stayed in in Lincoln City last month! We had a three story beach home with amazing views! The house had a game room for night and everything you could ever imagine to need in the kitchen! We had four bedrooms and enough space for my whole family!

In Lincoln city there is so many beaches! During the summer months the beach holds a spectacular kite festival! There is also a downtown with many cute shops, and a casino if you’re feeling lucky! My favorite restaurants there are the Chinook’s Seafood Grill, and Puerto Vallarta is some real good Mexican food!! I love the seafood grill because of the great ocean views! Their food and happy hour is great too! Neither of these places will disappoint you!


Newport, Oregon

While on our family vacation to Lincoln City, we drove down to Newport, Oregon for the day. This old port town was so cute! The historic downtown was right on the water where we could see people crabbing and seals swimming in the bay. It was filled on both sides of the street with galleries, restaurants and gorgeous views! They are even home to the original World Famous Mo’s Restaurant! Go try their creamy, mouthwatering clam chowder.

Also while we were here we stopped by the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I love aquariums, and this happens to be one of my favorites I have been to. It was very kid friendly and fun for us adults too! I highly recommend this as an activity. My husband and dad went to the Agate Beach Golf Course for a round while we were at the aquarium. With breathtaking Oregon Coast views you couldn’t ask for a better course to play on!


Cannon Beach, Oregon

Oregon Corgi Beach Day this year was in Cannon Beach, Oregon which is about a three hour drive from Eugene, Oregon so you know I had to take my little corgi! and Wow am I glad I went! Not only were all the corgis amazing, but the beach was insanely gorgeous! I have found my favorite coast town in Oregon! The day we went up was 75° and beautiful too! Which I have only had a handful of times in Oregon so far.

If you were looking for the best place in Oregon to see the Coast I would recommend Cannon Beach hands down! Also every summer is Corgi Beach Day, a fundraiser benefitting The Oregon Humane Society, and it is a must check out also! Even if you don’t have a corgi! All dogs and humans are welcome. Check out the Corgi races, costume contest, and watch them all frolic around with one another! This year 632 corgis, 97 non-corgis and 1,538 people attended the event! and they raised $9,095!


Florence, Oregon

Straight out to the coast from Eugene is the small coastal Town of Florence. We have been here a handful of times. We have always visited different beaches and enjoyed them all! You can visit the Sea Lion Caves, or walk on next to the water front in downtown! If you are walking around downtown don’t forget to stop and try out BJ’s Ice cream. It is the best!

A short distance south of Florence is the Dunes. I have not been yet but this is definitely on the top of my Oregon Bucket List!



Every year in July the small town on Veneta, Oregon is home to the Oregon Country Fair. Thousands of people gather to see the sites this fair has to offer! There are local craft booths, food, drinks, music, shows and so much more! I recommend buying your tickets before hand from a Safeway store or another retailer. You also will have to pay for parking, or you can take the shuttle bus from Eugene!

There is also the Lane County fair that right inside of Eugene. This year they had great shows like Eli Young Band and different events to check out like pig races! After the races stop by the PIGture studio to grab a snap with the pigs! Stop by the animal booths right behind the pig races and see all the livestock and bunnies! I wanted to buy one so bad!!!

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    1. It really is! We don’t like to stay in one place for too long so I hope I get to see all Oregon has to offer before we leave!

  1. I have never been to Oregon but I would love to travel to the west coast one day. I really want to see that part of the country.

  2. Love the post, I’m going to be travelling to Oregon next year with the husband and I def would love to stop by these spots!! I hope we have enought time!

  3. You look like you had a fabulous time. I’ve only been to a Oregon once. Went to Portland. It was an interesting place. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos.

  4. Oregon is on my to do list! Of all these cities which one is the one you’d go to if you could only go to one city?

    The corgi festival looks fun, but I’m always torn between beach, or forest, or mountains.

    1. That’s hard because there is so much I haven’t explored yet. However, so far my favorite has to be Cannon Beach. Those views were breathtaking.

  5. I love that you wrote about the Oregon coast! I’ve been hearing SO MUCH about it lately (I live in Seattle) and I’m starting to plot out a trip there for next summer. Looks like you hit all the towns I was thinking about! And the fair looks like a fun destination!

  6. Everything about your trip looks INCREDIBLE! I’m over in the midwest and have YET to really explore the west coast, but I’m DYING to go to Oregon!

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