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The best hiking in Southern Idaho

Hiking in Southern Idaho is something that you must do if you live or if you just come to visit! While there are many great hikes and waterfalls, these are some of my favorites! The Grade of Centennial The grade of centennial isn’t exactly a hike but definitely my favorite incline to start the summerContinue Reading “The best hiking in Southern Idaho”

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3 Must See National and State Parks in Southern Idaho!

If you are ever heading to Southern Idaho there are a bunch of awesome sights to see. Shoshone Falls, the ice caves, and some pretty great views in the South Hills. But these 3 national and state parks need to be at the top of your list of places to visit! Balanced Rock Balanced RockContinue Reading “3 Must See National and State Parks in Southern Idaho!”

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Homemade Salsa: The Perfect Spice and Flavor!

Is there anything better than a good salsa? No. There is not. It goes with chips, tacos, burritos, and really anything you want to put it on. Try it with this pork street taco recipe if you want a great meal!  But there are such things as bad salsa and good salsa. This family recipe combinesContinue Reading “Homemade Salsa: The Perfect Spice and Flavor!”