5 Reasons I Chose the LandMass Travel Tracker Map: A Must Have For All Travelers!
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5 Reasons I Chose the LandMass Travel Tracker Map: A Must Have For All Travelers!

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Ever since I saw my first travel tracker map on Pinterest I have wanted one. There are so many to choose from and of course some creative DIY tricks to do at home but I wanted to invest in a nice one to give my boyfriend and I some extra travel inspiration. When my Landmass map arrived I could not wait to get it hung up in our bedroom!

Tyrell and I have talked about this for a while now so I think he was equally as excited as I was! Since this is something that we are doing together, we decided to scratch off only the places that we have already traveled to as a couple. There are a few places that we have both been individually, like Texas, but we have never gone together so we decided not to scratch it off yet.

The map itself has a gold covering that when scratched off reveals bright colors underneath as well as country maps on the bottom that can be scratched off!

It is so exciting to finally be able to scratch off a new area and see the bright color shine through. It has also made me realize that there is still so much of the world that we have not seen! Talk about inspiration? I am already planning out how we are going to get this whole map scratched off!

This is probably my new favorite item that we own. If you, or someone you love, is a total wanderer at heart, the Landmass Travel Tracker Mapis the THE PERFECT Christmas present. I can guarantee you they are going to love it. It doesn’t matter if they have traveled to 100 countries or only a few, I think this map is awesome for people at every stage of traveling the world.


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5 top reasons why I chose Landmass Goods Travel Map


  1. It looks classy! The map was going to be a focal of our bedroom, so I wanted one that was going to match everything and look good and not messy.
  2. It isn’t too feminine. Many of the ones I found seemed a little girly. Being something Tyrell and I plan to do together I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I would.
  3. The maps! I love the idea of having the maps at the bottom so that once you finish a country you can reveal that country map as well.
  4. Price! I am not going to lie, I was not willing to spend $200 on a dang travel tracker map! And believe me some of them on the market are that expensive. I wanted good quality but not at the price of a plane ticket! Landmass offers high quality products at a reasonable price, this map was only $28.99!
  5. The professionalism of the company. As I was searching websites and learning where to buy travel trackers I was impressed by Landmass. Their website is amazing and they are geared toward all adventures; they are not just trying to sell a product but a lifestyle!And a bonus??

    10% of all Landmass profits go to help fund study abroad grants through national Geographic and the Fund for Education! The more I learned about Landmass the more I knew that their Travel Tracker Map was perfect for us. Travelers started this company for travelers.

    I never felt like they were pushing a product on me or when I called to ask about my shipping they seemed to genuine and happy to help! They want exactly what I want, to inspire and encourage people to experience the world. And that is exactly why we wanted to invest in a map. This map gives us some motivation!

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15 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Chose the LandMass Travel Tracker Map: A Must Have For All Travelers!”

  1. I definitely want to get a travel tracker when I start traveling and I will have to look into this one! I really like the maps on the bottom too! I think it really adds more to the experience of it!

  2. I needed to read this. I’ve been thinking about getting one for my husband for Christmas. Excellent list of reasons you went with this one. These will help inform my decision when I purchase.

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