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Snooze – An AM Eatery: Restaurant Review!

The sun is shining, music is playing, and happy hour is in full swing. Two of my friends and I are sitting at a local pub enjoying some beer and cocktails. When suddenly we get the bright idea that we should all go to Denver! YES!!! I have wanted to check out Denver for quiteContinue Reading “Snooze – An AM Eatery: Restaurant Review!”

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My First Stay at an Airbnb: What You Need To Know!

For quite a while now I have heard people I know talking about Airbnb. When it first became big I was slightly skeptical about staying in strangers home, not going to lie. But as time went on, the idea started to grow on me! It really makes a lot more sense for families or largeContinue Reading “My First Stay at an Airbnb: What You Need To Know!”

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Greek Rice Pilaf: The Perfect Side Dish!

You would be amazed by how the very basic rice pilaf will just blow people away! It is one of the easiest side dishes to make but it is always one of the most popular! This buttery, lemony rice is absolutely delicious and can be served with just about anything. This recipe is so quickContinue Reading “Greek Rice Pilaf: The Perfect Side Dish!”

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Greek Spinach Pie: AKA Spanakopita

Spinach pie is a great dish to serve at Christmas dinner but have you tried Greek spinach pie? Also known as spanakopita, this is one of my absolute favorite Greek dishes! It has a hint of mint and just the right amount of filo dough. These dish can be served at fancy dinners or evenContinue Reading “Greek Spinach Pie: AKA Spanakopita”

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The How-To of Summer Music Festivals

Summer is time for the sea, the sun, and music festivals! There is nothing better than a few days of good music, good friends, and questionable decisions. Believe it or not I actually went to my FIRST music festival this summer! I learned so much from this experience and I will definitely be better preparedContinue Reading “The How-To of Summer Music Festivals”

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The Best Outdoor Summer Activities: On the Land

Hiking Okay hiking may seem obvious but too often we get stuck hiking the same trails that we know. The beset hikes are the ones that I haven’t tried before! I love seeing new sights and finding new favorite paths. The great thing is that there are truly unlimited hiking trails! They change and makeContinue Reading “The Best Outdoor Summer Activities: On the Land”

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The Best Outdoor Summer Activities: In The Water

Kayaking Kayaking is no only great exercise but it can take you to some amazing places! My favorite thing about it is being able to get to sights that otherwise aren’t easy to get to. So grab some friends, grab some beer, and spend a day exploring the river! Paddle Boarding Paddle boarding is theContinue Reading “The Best Outdoor Summer Activities: In The Water”

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The best hiking in Southern Idaho

Hiking in Southern Idaho is something that you must do if you live or if you just come to visit! While there are many great hikes and waterfalls, these are some of my favorites! The Grade of Centennial The grade of centennial isn’t exactly a hike but definitely my favorite incline to start the summerContinue Reading “The best hiking in Southern Idaho”

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3 Must See National and State Parks in Southern Idaho!

If you are ever heading to Southern Idaho there are a bunch of awesome sights to see. Shoshone Falls, the ice caves, and some pretty great views in the South Hills. But these 3 national and state parks need to be at the top of your list of places to visit! Balanced Rock Balanced RockContinue Reading “3 Must See National and State Parks in Southern Idaho!”