How I Started My First Kitchen Herb Garden
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How I Started My First Kitchen Herb Garden

Happy Earth Day!! I have always wanted to have a fresh indoor herb garden in my kitchen. This year I decided to take the plunge and do it! There were some bumps in the road, but hopefully my first time experience will help you and help me for next time!

How I Started My First Indoor Herb Garden

Supplies needed

  • soil of choice
  • pot to transplant sprouts to
  • eggshells
  • herb seeds of choice
  • herb grow kit (optional)


I decided to start out small this year with a couple of my favorite herbs: rosemary, lavender, chives, basil, and cilantro. I also wanted to try out different ways of growing them as well since it was my first time. Then I would know my favorite for next year as well.

Starting with the cilantro, I grew this one from a grow kit! It sprouted within a few days! I paid $4.99 and at first it seemed like a great investment. The cilantro would keep growing back as I harvested it right? Well after being off to such a great start, the cilantro halted in growth. About three days after that, I woke up to the whole pot covered in mold! The aluminum container held in too much water… Next time I will filter with small rocks at the bottom.

With the other herbs I started from seed. I first sprouted them in eggshells as I had seen on Pinterest many times. So far I have sprouted the basil and chives. After the basil had a couple leaves and the chives were about a half inch tall I transplanted them into a pot. I also made small flag labels for the herbs. This way was definitely my favorite way! Next week I’m going to start more and try cilantro again, but from seed!

How to Sprout Seeds in an Eggshell

  1. rinse the eggshells
  2. spoon soil into the shells and water until damp
  3. follow the directions about how many seeds and how deep to plant on the individual seeds from the package
  4. keep watered daily with a small pipet
  5. once a good sprout has been established, peel away the eggshell until you can insert a spoon into the shell to scoop out the sprout
  6. transfer into prepared pot

If you have any ideas for my indoor or for my outdoor garden I will start this summer please comment below! For other great ideas check these Indoor Herb Garden Ideas. I especially love their idea for the mason jar garden! It is so cute!

Enjoy! ♥


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