Dips and Sauces Recipes Side Dishes Summer Time

Homemade Salsa: The Perfect Spice and Flavor!

Is there anything better than a good salsa? No. There is not. It goes with chips, tacos, burritos, and really anything you want to put it on. Try it with this pork street taco recipe if you want a great meal!  But there are such things as bad salsa and good salsa. This family recipe combinesContinue Reading “Homemade Salsa: The Perfect Spice and Flavor!”

Dessert Recipes Summer Time

Soft and Decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Did you guys know that there is a day dedicated to chocolate chips? That’s right! Today is national chocolate chip day. Let’s be real, I love chocolate chips in everything: pancakes, ice cream, brownies, and of course, COOKIES! My favorite recipe is one that combines two of my favorite cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chip.Continue Reading “Soft and Decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Lunch Recipes Summer Time

The Perfect Pork Street Tacos You Have To Make Today!

I don’t care if it is Cinco De Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, or the Taco Tuesday, you don’t really need an excuse to eat some delicious pork street tacos! Street tacos just happen to be my favorite go-to meal for any occasion and any day of the week! And really I could eat themContinue Reading “The Perfect Pork Street Tacos You Have To Make Today!”

Lunch Recipes Side Dishes Summer Time

True Greek Vegetarian Dolmades

One of my all time FAVORITE Greek dishes is Dolmades. They are basically just Greek rice wrapped in grape leaves or zucchini flowers. They are flavorful and healthy! Oh, and did I mention they are vegetarian?! Most dolmathes recipes have meat in them but honestly, it tastes a thousand times better to leave out theContinue Reading “True Greek Vegetarian Dolmades”

Dessert Drinks Holiday Recipes

Creamy and Sweet Irish Coffee

St. Patty’s day has passed but that doesn’t mean that Irish Coffee isn’t still a good idea! This treat is usually sweet and flavorful with a smooth cream on top. This recipe makes a creamy coffee without using any artificial creamers or sweeteners, just the original, classic ingredients! This is typically served after a mealContinue Reading “Creamy and Sweet Irish Coffee”