What is an Escape Room?
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What is an Escape Room?

In Tv shows, in movies, and on the internet I kept hearing about this thing called an Escape Room. They looked challenging and I couldn’t wait to try one! One day I saw a package for four people on Groupon where we could save 50%, so of course I bought it! I thought it would be a fun night for me, my husband, and some friends.

We easily made our reservation online for when we wanted to play. If the Escape Room you go to has different rooms, then you can also pick online which room you reserve. In the days leading up I got more and more anxious. I realized it was because I didn’t even know what an Escape Room was! What was I going to be walking into?


The Escape Room


Six of us went to the Escape Room, but our room could hold 8. Some of the rooms were for up to twelve people. If you book the room for less than capacity you could be partnered with other groups. We had signed up for the room called “The Study.” Upon arrival we were told this room only had a 30% success rate!

Tip #1: Don’t bring a lot with you

You have to lock up everything. (all keys, cell phones, ect…)

After you lock up your belongings, whatever Escape Room your are visiting will explain their rules. Then you will watch a video to give you background information on the room. After that, good luck! You are on your own for an hour trying to solve the room! Well besides the hints they offer you every ten minutes, but you don’t have to take them.

Tip #2: If you think its a clue, it probably is.

So many things we overlooked that were important! Don’t do it!!!!


Tip #3: Communicate with your team!

Some things weren’t communicated well and  we overlooked clues that way as well.


Tip #4: Double and triple check codes before you give up.

One more thing that lead to us ultimately losing.

Even though we didn’t complete the room, the Escape Room was so much fun. We can’t wait to try out the next room The Escape Room Oregon is opening. It will be called “The Bio Lab.” The owner also told us about some in Portland that are scary! I really want to try those!

Also, even if you lose someone on your team can still become the MVP. There is a hidden card that says MVP in the room and whoever finds it is the MVP! I was messing with the object that my husband found the MVP card in way before he did, but I discarded it as just a normal object. Don’t make my mistake!

If you’re new to these like I was, good luck! and if have you done an Escape Room before…  Have any tips to help me and my team win next time? Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy! ♥


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  1. We have some escape rooms in houston too and I never tried it, but seems fun! I’m worried that I won’t finish in time or it might be too difficult lol

  2. This looks like so much fun! I’ve been hearing a lot about Escape rooms too and I’m really curious to try it out for myself 🙂 Your post sounds like you guys really enjoyed your time.

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