Ways to Give Back After the Holidays

Ways to Give Back After the Holidays

Holiday season brings out the best in all of us. We give to others and expect nothing in return. As the bell ringers greet us with cheer and warm wishes we drop our change into their red buckets. Some people will volunteer while others give gifts to Toys for Tots and Angel Tree. No matter what you do, there is always an outpour of charity this time of year. But what about ways to give back after the holidays are over?


  1. Monthly Donation

    Many non-profits in today’s world have the option to sign up for a monthly donation. This means that each month, just like a cell phone bill, a few dollars will automatically be donated to their foundation. Even if this is a small amount, say $5 per month, it helps them out more than you think!

    Piggy Bank

    Photo from Pexels  https://static.pexels.com/photos/9660/business-money-pink-coins.jpg
  2. Sponsor/Adopt

    If you have been on road trip lately I am sure you have seen “Adopt a Highway” signs. While a highway might not be your first choice, this idea applies to many options. You can adopt a Rhino in the UK or a Loggerhead Sea Turtle in Greece through World Wildlife Foundation. Or sponsor a child from World Vision. These are small fees that add up to a lifetime of change for a person or animal that you can see live a better life thanks to you!

    Sea Turtle

    Photo from © naturepl.com / Doug Perrine / WWF
  3. Shop for Charity

    There are so many options to give back as you purchase items online. Amazon Smile is one of the most popular ways but sometimes we forget! Get the Amazon Smile link for your local elementary school and a percentage of your purchase will go back to that school in your own community! Other great sites are: GoodSearch, Tab For A Cause, and EBAY for Charity.
    Amazon Smile

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