Top Things To Do in the Hippest City of Brisbane
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Top Things To Do in the Hippest City of Brisbane

For the Love of Blank is Featuring the amazing Travel Blogger Olivia Jones, editor of High Style Life and contributor to various other blogs. She has written a post about What To Do in the Hippest City of Brisbane. We asked her a few questions to introduce herself…


What is Your Blog’s name and what is it about?
I don’t have my own blog, but I contribute to various blogs, such as I find it more convenient because of my lifestyle,
obligations with my family, travelling…

What was your inspiration to start your blog?
I’ve always loved writing and I wish to share my experience, especially
from my travels with people who like to read such texts.

What is your best piece of advice to anyone trying to start their own blog?
Just make sure you write about something you feel passionate about.

Who is your blogger inspiration and what is their blog??
I love Nadine Sykora’s YT channel and Wandering Earl’s blog (, but there are also many other bloggers whose texts I enjoy.

What’s your biggest kitchen fail?
I’m happy to say I’m quite skillful when it comes to cooking, but I do
remember using powder milk instead of flour when I first tried to make

What is your favorite hobby?
Anything that involves being outdoor. Camping, cycling, hiking…

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Fish. No contest.


Top Things to Do in the Hippest City of Brisbane

Written by Olivia Jones

Ever since Lonely Planet dubbed Brisbane Australia’s hippest city, tourists from all over the world have been flocking to this beautiful city, wanting to see for themselves what makes Brisbane so special. The truth is, there are so many things that make this wonderful place unique.

You might be someone who loves history, enjoys fine dining or prefers to be entertained while on holiday. Whatever you are looking for, you’re bound to find it in Brisbane. It takes just a bit of research before the trip, and you might experience one of the best holidays of your life. Some of the best things you can do are quite cheap or even free, but for some, you might need to splurge more money.

Food fantasy

Hamilton Wharf is host to Eat Street Markets every Friday and Saturday (and Sunday in summer) where locals and tourists come to eat and drink while various live music performances and other types of entertainment round off the whole experience. There’s a small entrance fee, which means you’ll still have enough money to try some of the best delicacies Brisbane has to offer.

Off-road cycling

Brisbane has some exciting off-road cycling tracks within 30 km of the city. If you love nature and cycling, make sure you have your safety gear with you and spend a day outside, enjoying some breath-taking views. If you forgot to bring your own equipment, you can always find top-quality Shimano gear at a local bike shop.



Australians are known for their love of a good BBQ and people in Brisbane are no exception. But how can you, a visitor without a backyard engage in this activity? The answer is – head for the Kangaroo Point Cliffs or the Botanic Gardens where you can get a spot to throw some meat or veggies on the grill. What you need to think about, though, is booking your spot in advance on notable nights, such as Riverfire, since many people like to enjoy the view of the city coming to life on those days. You only need to buy your own food and drinks, and you won’t have to spend any more money in order to enjoy this popular activity.

Wining and dining


Although Melbourne and Sydney are Australia’s most renowned places in terms of food, it doesn’t mean that what Brisbane has to offer isn’t good enough. You can stroll along Eagle Street Pier and choose some of the restaurants and bars while at the same time enjoying a fabulous view of the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge. The area around offers even more excellent restaurants. Other great areas for dining are South Bank and West End, with many hip little cafes providing a great atmosphere for relaxing.

Transport around the city


The public transport system in Brisbane is quite efficient, so getting around is a breeze. You can catch buses, trains or ferries, a.k.a. CityCats. They offer their service in the greater Brisbane region, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. There is a prepaid card (“Go Card”) that locals use, but you can also buy regular, single-journey tickets. If you want to find the best option to get to your destination, you can use Translink’s journey planner. If you’re somewhat put off by the price of the tickets, you can use a free City Loop bus that can take you to the Queen Street Mall, Eagle Street Pier and the Botanic Gardens. Needless to say, you can also use a taxi or a tourist bus to reach various parts of Brisbane.

Animal encounters


Those travelling with kids, or those who simply love animals, are in for a treat, since there are many zoos and wildlife centres in and around Brisbane where you can learn a lot about the native fauna and exotic animals. The animal handlers are happy to talk to both kids and adults and help them establish a closer connection with the animals by allowing them to pet or feed animals or even hold them for a photo. You have to admit that having a boa constrictor around your neck is not something you can experience everywhere.



As you can see, there are so many things to do in Brisbane, and there’s a good reason why it’s considered to be Australia’s hippest city. By offering a wide range of activities that cater to everyone’s needs and preferences, the city has established itself as a very attractive tourist destination. The most difficult decision one probably has to make is what to include in their itinerary and how to make the most of the time spent in Brisbane.

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  1. Australia is #1 on my travel list, and I’ve always wanted to go o Brisbane. It seems like a place that would bring me so much happiness. I love all of the food options! BBQ is amazing, and I bet Australians do it right. I would also love to interact with all of the animals there. So fun!

  2. This is such a beautiful place, I have never been to Brisbane but definitely adding this to my bucket list. I love all these photo. Thank you for sharing this information.
    Anna recently posted…BEEF BEIJINGMy Profile

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