The How-To of Summer Music Festivals
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The How-To of Summer Music Festivals

Summer is time for the sea, the sun, and music festivals! There is nothing better than a few days of good music, good friends, and questionable decisions. Believe it or not I actually went to my FIRST music festival this summer! I learned so much from this experience and I will definitely be better prepared next time!

I wanted to share with you a few of the things that I learned from my experience. And please share with me any tips you have!


Buy Your Tickets Early!



I cannot stress this enough! Especially if you are going with a large group of people. Tickets can go up in price or sell out all together. And although not highly likely, ask about assigned seating! This was something that we ran into at the festival we just went to. And since all of us had bought our tickets separately, our seats were not together. Most festivals are standing room but don’t assume as the festival scene is always changing.


Book Your Accommodations


If your venue doesn’t have accommodations such as camp spots or a special hotel that is reserved for an event, then you need to book a surround are ASAP! Rooms will fill up fast and you don’t want to end up far way! The other thing to consider is distance and transportation. If you end up with a living space far from the venue you need to factor in the cost and time of travel!


Plan a Shopping List


Assuming that you will be going with a group of people, dividing up the food is your best bet at saving money! Someone who is good at budgeting needs to be in charge of this. It isn’t about the amount of products each person has to purchase but the cost of the products. If you are all in a central location, go to the store and Venmo each other after!


Drink Water Before You Go


Now, I can’t speak to medical proof of this but the four days before your music festival are the key time to drink water! It hydrates your body before you get there and prepares your system for the influx of liquids. You will also want to pack hydrating foods when you go! Watermelon, cucumbers, and popsicles are great choices! They are cool and will keep you hydrated when you aren’t drinking water.


Pack Accordingly


Know the location and the weather! Is it going to be hot? Pack cool. If you are going to a rainy area, bring a rain coat! And if you are going to a rave, well pack whatever makes you feel comfortable! You need to remember that you won’t spend the entire time at the festival so pack clothes for before and after as well.


Once You Get There


Be Prepared


We have already talked about how to prepare before you go. But you need to prepare once you get there as well! Set up camp and get into the mindset of the festival! Everyone has their own fun at events but if you plan on drinking, pregame so you don’t spend all your money inside the venue. Eat before you go in. Start listening to music of the bands so that you are in the right mood. Sleep as much as you can but be prepared for a lack of sleep the whole weekend! And most importantly, take everything you may possibly need into the venue with you when you go. Sometimes a little backpack or fanny pack is the best way to go!


Stick Together

Always to these events as a group. It is more fun and safer. Don’t leave anyone behind and use the buddy system! Not only is it better to stand in a long hot line with a friend but in the chance that your group moves, you don’t want to be wandering around looking for them alone! Lots of festivals are in areas with no cell services so you need to make plans of where to meet up if you lose contact.


Have Fun!


Most importantly, be ready for a good time! Music Festivals are about enjoying yourself, your friends, and good music. Forget about your worries from back home and just relax. Take these three days and let loose! Live a little and just enjoy life! There is so much to be happy about and this is a great place to celebrate!



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  1. These are great tips on how to prepare for a music festival! I’ve never been to one to be honest…I have the “I have to go to a music festival” on the back of my mind but I don’t want go alone so there’s still some planning left for me to do 🙂 Thank you for this great tips! 🙂

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