Snooze – An AM Eatery: Restaurant Review!
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Snooze – An AM Eatery: Restaurant Review!

The sun is shining, music is playing, and happy hour is in full swing. Two of my friends and I are sitting at a local pub enjoying some beer and cocktails. When suddenly we get the bright idea that we should all go to Denver! YES!!! I have wanted to check out Denver for quite some time now. Part of me thought that this might just be the alcohol talking. But before you know it we have called up our friends and 6 of us booked our flights and an Airbnb and it was set in stone!

Once we knew we were for sure going, we began planning activities. I have a few friends that lived in Denver and my family visits all the time. So we started calling them up and asking what HAD to do while we were in Denver. We got some good answers from everyone and tried to fit in as much as we could. But the one thing that every. single. person. that we talked to said? You have to go eat at Snooze! At first I didn’t think much of it but when my cousin told me I had to eat there I knew it must be good. (My family is full of food snobs)

So on our last morning in Denver we had done pretty much everything on our list except Snooze – An AM Eatery. Everyone told us to expect a wait so we called ahead and they told us they would have a table for 2 ready in about 90 minutes. I gave them my phone number and they sent us text alerts when our table was almost ready.

Snooze has locations in Colorado, California, Arizona, and Texas. So you may not have a Snooze by you, but if you do… you seriously have to eat there! It was even better than what I expected. This location is in downtown Denver’s train station so it was perfect for the morning before we had to commute to the airport. It was a smaller location but it was so cute! It had very modern yet retro décor and a bright color scheme which I love! As soon as we got there I was in a good mood.


What we ordered

I got the Snooze Classic. It comes with three farm fresh eggs, your choice of breakfast meat, hash browns, and toast. I got my eggs cooked over easy and they were cooked perfectly! My hash browns were full of flavor and my bacon was extra crispy, just the way I like it! I got an English muffin instead of toast and it came with homemade jam that was to die for!

Tyrell got the Snooze Spud Deluxe. As soon as I saw that on the menu I knew he was going to order it! It comes with a heaping pile of hash browns topped with cheddar and jack cheese, scallions, and two toppings of your choice. He got bacon and sausage, of course! But they have many choices of veggies, meat, cheeses, and more that can be toppings! He absolutely loved everything about this dish.

Both of us like spice and they had locally made hot sauces on the table for us to enjoy! We both used the Electric Lime hot sauce all over our breakfast and it was the perfect way to add a kick!

snooze classic


hot sauce

We both absolutely loved our meals but wish we would have tried a pancake! Everyone says the pancakes are amazing, so we are going to have to make a trip back to give them a try! Overall, I would rate this 10/10 in all categories. The wait staff was friendly, the atmosphere was enjoyable, and the food was delicious!

So if you are in a state that has a Snooze and haven’t been there yet, you need to find the one closest to you and get there now! And if you aren’t, like us here in Idaho, then I guess we are all going to have to travel to a location for brunch on Sunday!

snooze am eatery

Always adventure,


19 thoughts on “Snooze – An AM Eatery: Restaurant Review!”

  1. looks great! I won’t be in Denver any time soon, but will be in Texas. I’ll have to check out where they are and maybe give them a try. (it’s a big state though- fingers crossed they have a location in Houston!!!)

  2. Mmmm YUM! Breakfast restaurants are my favorite (probably because I’m a huge breakfast fan) and this one sounds amazing. I’m in Texas, so I’ll have to see if there are any near me! 🙂

  3. We had a Snooze right down the street from us when we lived in Fort Collins, but we never made it over there before moving. It always smelled really good and we’d usually eye what people were eating as we walked by. Looks good and now I’m pretty sad we never ate there.

  4. Yes!!! I love a good breakfast place! Their food looks amazing, and I really like the text alerts, really gives you time to explore the city if you are visiting rather than wait in a crammed lobby for your table.
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