My Favorite Fall Activity
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My Favorite Fall Activity

Happy Halloween season! One of my favorite seasons purely because of the creativity associated with the holiday. I love seeing people go all out with their costumes, decorations, treats, and jack-o-lanterns! Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out the most perfect pumpkins for our jack-o-lanters!

My favorite Fall Activity is the pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch is the perfect Fall family activity. We had a blast! There were so many things to do at Lone Pine Farms in Junction City, Oregon.  In October they have different activities you can buy tickets for. During the day you can take a tractor or horse drawn ride through the pumpkin patch or a ride on the cow train. My son rode the cow train and LOVED it! I highly recommend this for toddlers. They have large ground to walk around the patch, a play ground and a small petting zoo.

Two other day activities they have is the corn maze and mining town! the corn maze turns scary at night but is family friendly all day! The mining town is a great activity for kids around 4 and up. From the store you can buy a bag of sand then sift through it in the water to see what you can find!

And while your in that store, take the time to look around! They had the best looking produce I’ve seen all summer!

This was all about the local pumpkin patch where I live. Find the closest one to your and I’m sure they will have fun ammendities like the ones we saw. And if you are in the Eugene, Oregon area be sure to check out Lone Pine Farms!

Enjoy your Halloween season and check out our Halloween Cookie Recipes here! What is your family doing to celebrate the holiday? Let me know in the comments below!


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33 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Activity”

  1. Awww… Seeing this thoughts and pictures makes my heart to melt… I never had any of these experiences..

    I now owe it to my kids that they have best feelings and experience the best of a parent love

  2. We love going to the pumpkin patch too. We have been twice this year. I love how local farms are really trying to provide a lot of fun fall activities all in one spot. At our favorite patch, you can get fresh made pumpkin and apple doughnuts, ride the “cow” train, slide down huge slides, shoot an apple cannon, go through a corn maze, the list goes on and on. Going to a pumpkin patch is a great way to check off a lot of things on the fall bucket list.

  3. When I lived up north, we would always go to the corn mazes and markets set up with Fall themes. Where I live now, we really don’t have any and I really miss them!

  4. Ohh I am kind of jelous because we dont celebrate Halloween in Switzerland and I am sure Halloween would be my favorite season to! But I try to do the same activites here as good as I can like carving the pumkins and we will dress my daughter as a ghost ect.

  5. These look like such fun ideas! I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since I was little. This sounds like a great weekend activity to do with my boyfriend! 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Looks like you had so much fun!! 🙂 we just took our daughter to her first pumpkin patch over the weekend and had a great time! She’s 5 months old so I know she wont remember it, but she loved holding her little pumpkin and seeing the animals. She’s at the age where she’s starting to get curious and loves looking at things so I know it was a good afternoon for her. And it was fun for us as first time parents too 🙂

  7. Fall really is the best season <3 I wish we had a pumpkin patch near us, but we don't! Still, I bought a few pumpkins from the mini farmers market in our town and decorated the front of our home!

  8. This year, we are going to the “Zoo Boo” at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, heading out to the pumpkin patch, going “Trunk or Treating” at the local drive in movie theater, and taking family photos to celebrate the change of seasons!

    Carley ||

    1. Oh I’m so jealous! I have been wanting to go to a winery! I hope you have fun! and Happy early birthday!

  9. I love the pumpkin patch too! I love going with my nieces. Our local pumpkin patch does birthday parties. It’s great for October birthdays.

  10. I love fall. It is the best time of the year to spend time outside with the little kids. Me and my son do everything we can outside during fall.

  11. The pumpkin patch is so much fun for children and adults. We have a great one here, last Sunday was actually a sunny, warm day and the line ups were crazy long at ours, and there was no parking left. Everyone had a great time though, there are fun activities for the kids, the hayride is always a favorite. We don’t have white pumpkins here though, would love some of those to paint!

  12. Our family loves to go to pumpkin farms too! I still need to go back because everytime we’ve gone this year, we’ve forgot to buy the pumpkins with all the other activities going on 🙂 Ha!

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