3 Places To Find Cheap Flights
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3 Places To Find Cheap Flights

Finding cheap flights is essential to stretching your vacation dollars the farther. I have always been fascinated with finding inexpensive flights. I always make generic searches for flights waiting for a great deal to catch my attention! Just writing this post I found a round trip flight to Berlin for $494!!!!These three places to find cheap flights have become my favorite places for finding those cheap flights

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1. Southwest.com

First place I check on the internet when I’m looking for a flight is Southwest. They generally have low prices and travel through most major airports throughout the US. Included with the price of your ticket is 2 FREE BAGS!!!!!! And you can take a carry on! I have been flying with Southwest as much as possible for the past 5 years whenever I can and have only had 1 flight issue. However, they were very quick to get me on the next flight, pay for my hotel room, and give me a travel voucher for the next time.

The trick when you select your tickets is to pick the “Wanna Get Away” tickets. They are non-refundable, but if you cancel with notice you have a travel credit with them for the next time! the price difference is crazy sometimes compared to their other options!

Southwest tips
Southwest is great to fly alone or with a family. I have flown with my son multiple times and it has always been pleasant. I can check my car seat at the counter (not counting against me for my 2 bags), and take the stroller to the gate to check. Infants can fly free up to age 2 in lap. You will book your flight as normal not including the in lap infant, then call the customer care to add your child to your reservation. You will need to bring a birth certificate, immunization record, or passport to verify the child’s age.

Southwest Airlines have a very friendly staff, and customer care center. Easy to book online or in their app! Bonus tip!!!! Sign up for their rewards program (its free!) and start earning points toward free flights or a companion pass! Your points won’t even expire as long as you fly at least once every two years! Not very hard to do right?

2. Google Flights

This is the site I booked my flight to my sister’s wedding in Honolulu and saved over 200 dollars! Google flights will search the whole inter web to find you the cheapest flight for your destination. You can search to a specific airport, country, even continent to see what appeals for you. When you Search your month of travel it will come up with a calendar showing what price the flights are starting out at for each day (shown below). I will always highly recommend searching for flights without a concrete date in mind, that way you can find the best deal possible to make the most out of your vacation dollars!


3. Sky Scanner 

Download the app or visit the website, this one is for the true wanderlust at heart. Same as Google Flights, Sky Scanner searches the web to find the best deal out there. You can search from your closest airport to anywhere. This will show you destinations all over the world on different dates throughout the year! I once found a round trip ticket from Eugene, OR (small airport) to Barcelona for $565!!!! Book fast because I unfortunately missed out on that deal. You can always use  Sky Scanner to look for specific times and dates as well. Also they have hotels and car rentals! I’m always searching out of curiosity, but one day I’m going to book my next adventure!

Sky scanner tips

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