Poppi’s Anatolia – The Best Greek Restaurant in Eugene, Oregon!
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Poppi’s Anatolia – The Best Greek Restaurant in Eugene, Oregon!

I absolutely love this Maybe I should have left the greek restaurant review to Brittany… but this place was too good not to write about! Poppi’s Anatolia is THE BEST GREEK FOOD restaurant in Eugene, Oregon hands down! I loved it and cannot wait to go back!

With my husband and son gone for the night, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner out!  I love yiros (or gyros) but haven’t found one that I love in Eugene yet. I had heard of Poppi’s Anatolia and had been dying to try it, right now was the perfect time.

Located in downtown Eugene, I went on a Sunday night and lucked out! It was their Greek Night! They had a special greek menu for the night and a live pianist. I ordered a mango lassi to drink and the yiros plate for dinner.

broiled meat combination of lamb and beef served on pitas with salad and tzatziki sauce
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When my server brought out my drink she also brought out what they called “peasant bread.” The bread is a whole wheat and fennel bread made by New Day Bakery, a local bakery also in Eugene. The bread was so moist and flavorful! I had to hold back on asking for seconds. The mango lassi was delicious as well! Sweet from the mango, tangy and creamy from the yogurt. They also had a rose lassi!

Best Greek Food in Eugene, Oregon!!! Poppi's Anatolia Eugene, OR

Shortly after came the dinner! (The night I went was fairly busy but the service was great and everything came quickly). Not only did my plate look amazing, it tasted even better! With a giant dollop of tzatziki sauce on top, the meat had good texture to it and perfect seasoning.

My bill came to about 20 dollars for my food and drink, and was well worth it. I was very pleased with my experience at Poppi’s Anatolia and would recommend you try it out for a date night, girls night, or solo treat! Try it out on a Sunday like I did for greek night! Also if you are in Eugene try Off the Waffle for breakfast!

Enjoy! ♥


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