How to Save Money on Airport Parking
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How to Save Money on Airport Parking

How could I save money on airport parking?

Recently when my family went to Long Beach, CA we flew from Portland(about a 2 hour drive from Eugene), but this meant we had to pay for airport parking. YUCK! I had to find a way to save money on airport parking for our trip.

I went to researching and found out that PDX was charging $22 a day in long term parking. For 5 days that would have cost us $110! This was when I found

How to save money on airport parking. We saved over $85!

While this website offers a variety of other options, I have only used it for the parking options. When I searched the dates and time we would need parking I found something amazing! $10.50 a day! This would save my family $68!!! I have even seen parking listed on this site as cheap as $4.75!

We chose Airpark Portland (first option in the picture above), and I was a little nervous at first. “Could this be too good to be true?” I receptively thought. However, everything went so smoothly!

They helped us load up our luggage into the shuttle and unload it at the airport. On the way back I called them right when we got to baggage claim and they were waiting for us at the shuttle pick up soon as we got our bags.

Handling everything with the attendants at the lot went smoothly as well. All I had to show them was the email on my phone and we were sent on our way.

I will never pay full price again now that I found the secret to save money on airport parking! I can’t wait to try out the other offers on the site. Have you used for anything? Let me know your travel tips in the comments below!

-Enjoy ♥


How to save money on airport parking. We saved over $68!

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